Rural Tourism focuses on participating in a rural lifestyle. It can be a variant of ecotourism. Any village can be a tourist attraction, and many villagers are very hospitable. Agriculture is becoming highly mechanized and therefore requires less manual labor. This is causing economic pressure on some villages, leading to an exodus of young people to urban areas. There is however, a segment of urban population that is interested to visit the rural areas and understand their perspective. This segment has been rapidly growing in the past decade and has led to rural tourism becoming a good option for nature lovers.

Rural Tourism allows the creation of an alternative source of income in the non-agricultural sector for rural dwellers. The added income from Rural Tourism can contribute to the revival of lost folk art and handicrafts. It is an ideal and natural method of rural and urban economic exchange.

Rural Tourism is particularly relevant in developing nations wherein farmland has become fragmented due to population growth. The added incomes that rural tourism can provide to the poor households hold great prospects for development.

Rural Tourism exists in developed nations in the form of providing accommodation in a scenic location ideal for rest and relaxation.

MP Tour and Travels.Com Bhopal in the form of this website are taking initiative to promote Rural Tourism in Madhya Pradesh as well as India.

Rural and Tribal Tourism is the New Trend in Incredible India …..
Rural tourism is a showcase of rural life, art, culture and heritage-on location benefiting the local community and enabling interaction between the tourists and the locals for an enriching experience.

Mandawa Village in semi-desert Rajasthan is an “Open-Air Gallery of Rajasthan”. In Udaipur tribal villages like Devhat, Kol, Timla and Kharakwada are nice destinations.
In Himachal Pradesh Kinnaur, Spiti&Lahaul were till recently inaccessible.  Now you can discover the riotous green of the Sangla Valley and the magnificent desolation of the Hangrang Valley.
In Hodka, in Rann of Kutch, Gujarat is Sham e Sarhad resortowned and operated by the villagers. Accommodations are in tents or traditional huts – bhungas. You can attend workshops in embroidery or leather work, interact with communities, go out and see flamingos, pelicans, foxes and leopards. In Gujarat, you can visit Vaso known for its wooden buildings. With special permit you can also visit some of the restricted villages of Zainabad in Bhuj. Rabari, Tunda,Vanda and the Bannytribal village.

Amraee resort Pranpur is in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh. Villagers will look after tourists and mud huts in mango grove are refreshing.
In Meghalaya’s Mawlynnong a community effort has made it the poster boy of rural tourism in India. Similarly tours in Chattisgarh with villages of the Gond, Bhil, Bhilala, Kol, Patelia, Kanwar, etc are unique. The Santhals of Jharkhand are one of the oldest tribes of India, known for their music, dance and colorful attire.

One of the most famous tribal villages in Orissa is the Kutia tribal village located at the Baliguda area. The DongariyaKondhHaat also attracts tourists. Other tribal villages of Orissa include Bonda, DidayeeandGadhaba. All the tribes of Orissa excel in producing wonderful fabric and textile work. Do not forget to watch the graceful dance of the Gadaba Tribe while on tribal tour of Orissa. Bissam Cuttack is home to the DesiaKondh tribes and their weekly market, Chatikona is home to DunguriaKondh tribe – they follow the barter system exchanging papaya, jackfruit, pineapple with kerosene, salt chicken etc. In Balligudayou will meet the KutiaKondhs and in Belghar the MaliaKondhs.

Orissa – JeyporeBonda Women
In Orissa, Onkdeli is home to the backward but colorful Bonda tribe and their village Gadaba. In Kundli visit the biggest tribal market to meet the Paraja&Rana tribes and Baligaon to meet the Dhuruva tribes. You can plan a day’s hike with porters in villages of Gadaba and Malli. Jeypore or Rayagada can be your base. As these places are fairly close to Taptapani and the world famous Chilkalake a visit would be convenient.

In Northeastern India also known as the Seven Sisters states, some of the notable places include Pasighat where the Adi village is located. The Nishi village, village of the Apatani tribe and the Hillmirivillage and the Tagin village in Daporijo.